Portrait of Gottfried Willhelm von Leibniz

Gottfried Willhelm von Leibniz


German mathematician and philosopher

I  am so in favor of the actual infinite that instead of admitting that Nature abhors it, as is commonly said, I hold that Nature makes frequent use of it everywhere, in order to show more effectively the perfections of its Author.

TOPICS: infinity, nature, God

SOURCE: Nouveaux Essais de l’Entendement humain

Music is the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting.

TOPICS: music

Nothing is more important than to see the sources of invention which are, in my opinion, more interesting than the inventions themselves.

Taking mathematics from the beginning of the world to the time of Newton, what he has done is much the better half.

TOPICS: history, Newton

It is unworthy of excellent men to lose hours like slaves in the labor of calculation which could safely be relegated to anyone else if machines were used.



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