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Platonic Realms' has both no-cost and low-cost banner space to make advertising your math-related product or service easy and affordable. Instead of negotiating a price, you compete with other advertisers for ad position. Free banners are placed below paid ads, on a first-come/first-placed basis.

Get over 18,000 unique exposures next month

Although higher bids get higher positions on the page, our large ad spaces and our prohibition on non-math-related ads ensure that even a modest budget can purchase good exposure. In fact, you can get guaranteed exposure in Areas B and C without any cost; just bid $0 and your ad is automatically appended below all previously-bid ads. Alternatively, you may choose to bid the ad-lock price for an ad, which allows you to purchase your banner space immediately and lock its position on the page. (It's position cannot then be changed by others' subsequent bids.)

There are many advantages to advertising on Platonic Realms:

  • Your ads won't be blocked by popular ad-blocking browser add-ons.
  • You reach a highly targeted audience of students, educators, and amateurs all interested in learning or teaching mathematics.
  • You determine what your ad space is worth to your business—and you see what other advertisers think it is worth too.
  • You can serve your ad from your own server, giving you extraordinary potentials:
    • Track not just impressions and clicks but also indirect returns and conversions from your campaign.
    • Test the effectiveness of different ads of the same size simultaneously, or rotate ad content for second and subsequent impressions.
    • Make your ads interactive, including animation, sound, and video subject to our banner content policies.
    • Your ad can be textual, even including mathematical notation.
  • You only commit to one calendar month at a time, and only pay when you are completely satisfied with the position and function of your ad for the coming month.
  • Platonic Realms' responsive layout produces above-the-fold, in-frame exposure for a wide range of screen/window resolutions, including tablet and mobile devices.

To learn more, use our contact page to tell us about you and your math-related product or service. Platonic Realms will set you up with an advertiser account with access to complete documentation, so that you can begin bidding on ad space as soon as you are ready. (Please note that we only accept ads that are directly relevant to the studying, teaching, or enjoyment of mathematics, and we do not accept ads placed by third-party agencies.)


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